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About Us: The Terraria Mobile Multiplayer Group (TMMG)

Our Discord-based community is a rapidly growing one dedicated to all things Terraria Mobile-related. We strive to keep everything we can up to date and running smoothly at all times, and have active staff who aid us with this by keeping rule breaking to a minimum. We currently have an ever-increasing number of over 4000 members, and hope to keep all these members as connected as possible in a welcoming, happy, and positive environment. We offer a variety of services to our Mobile Terrarians including but not limited to community events, competitions and a clean, active community. We also offer voice channels to those who want to chat with each other, as well as many fun bots to mess around with when bored. In addition to said fun bots, we also have a wide array of useful ones on our server that help us moderate as well as keep our members safe. We've also implemented a unique registration system, as to ensure that both malicious raiders and bots cannot wreak havoc in our chats. To keep our community connected we have partnered with many other well-known Mobile Terraria communities, as well as some PC oriented servers as part of Re-Logic's goal to create a unified platform. Our partners can be found on the Official Links page of our website. We hope you enjoy our community!

        — Pepsi700, Owner of the Terraria Mobile Multiplayer Group (TMMG)