Apply for Staff on TMMG

This is the form you must fill out to apply to become a TMMG Staff Member!  Please be thorough and diligent with your responses, and be truthful.  You will be given Trial Moderator if we think you may be a good fit.  Please also remember, any false information you provide will only hurt you; we verify all of your responses!

You must fit within these guidelines to apply:

 You must be least 14 years and/or be able to demonstrate maturity.

 You must have helped out many various times in the community.

 You must have been in the community for at least 1 full month (30 days).

 You must be able to go onto Discord for at least 5 hours of your day.

 You must speak fluent English and understand how to confront any problems that may arise in chat, such as arguments, piracy, etc.

If you fit all 5 of these guidelines, you may proceed.  If you lie to be accepted or do not fit any of these 5 guidelines, your application will be rendered invalid and rejected immediately.  Please fill out every question to the best of your abilities, and as thoroughly as possible.  Good luck, and thank you for your interest in applying!