Apply for the Events Team on TMMG

This is the form you must fill out to become part of our Events Team!  The Events team is in charge of running our community events.  Members of this team will be responsible for creating, designing, and coming up with ideas for events.  This is not part of the staff team and will not have access to anything related to moderation such as banning, kicking, muting members, etc.  This is a very rigorous role to partake and you should only apply if you are up to the challenge.  You will need to be able to be active enough to talk to members if they have any questions involving the event.

You must fit within these guidelines to apply:

 You must be least 14 years and/or be able to demonstrate maturity.

 You must have been in the community for at least half a month (15 days).

 You must be on Discord daily.

 You must speak fluent English and be able to communicate with members should they have any questions regarding the event.

➢ You will, along with the rest of the team, be coming up with a new server event every one to two weeks. You must have a good background of building things such as bases, machines, etc. to build minigames for the server.

If you fit all 5 of these guidelines, you may proceed.  If you lie to be accepted or do not fit any of these 5 guidelines, your application will be rendered invalid and rejected immediately.  Please fill out every question to the best of your abilities, and as thoroughly as possible.  Good luck, and thank you for your interest in applying!